Maria Callas Mercedes Benz 600 Limousines Sold For More Than £156,000

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Maria Callas is a legendary American opera singer who captivated her audience with her opera performances that showed off her vocal range. In 1967 the legendary soprano bought two Mercedes Benz 600 limousines that were used to transport her between performances during her famous European tours. One of the cars has been fitted with a radio in the back specifically upon the request of the singer.
The Mercedes Benz 600 is a huge luxury car. It was the company’s flagship and the most expensive model during that time. Aside from Maria Callas, there were other famous owners of the Mercedes Benz 600 that included Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Hugh Hefner, George Harrison, Jay Leno and many other celebrities.

The two limousines were auctioned off as part of the 11 cars from the estate of one of the friends of the Callas family. The cars were actually estimated to sell between $67,500 and $112,000 each but surprisingly, the first car fetched $114,588 and the second car at $128,736. Both cars were bought by a European collector for a total of £156,260.

The sale was held at Arcurial, a leading French auction house and took place at the Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo last July 20. Callas was a long standing resident of Monaco and a close friend of Prince Rainier and the late Princess Grace Kelly, a former American actress.

Before the bidding on the two cars started, an extract of “La Divina” as Maria Callas was known for was played. Bidders were treated to the first notes of the Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen. The auction received several telephone bids a white glove result. It was very exceptional.