Map Maker – A Great Feature That Will Be Removed Due To Trolls And Vandals

Map Maker Service is one of the best features of Google Maps because it allows users to make edits and corrections to places within the app. However, Map Maker Service will be removed by Google during the updating of the popular mapping app. Map Maker was launched in 2008 but as Google moves forward, the service will now be rolled directly into the Google Map starting March 2017.

Map Maker gained a lot of popularity among users because it allowed them to amend roads particularly in rural areas. Businesses were allowed to edit their addresses and markings when they transfer to a different location. However, in spite of the advantages provided by Map Maker and the efforts of Google to provide moderators to confirm whether submissions are genuine, the app usually ended up becoming a victim to trolling and vandalism.

Users of Google Maps will no longer be allowed to make updates because any edits made to Map Maker will no longer be subjected to moderation but will move over into the maps. Upgrades to Google Maps will include:

  • Introduction of specialized voice commands so that drivers can keep their hands on the wheels while tracking traffic or checking out directions to a destination
  • Voice commands will start a phone call or choose a music track.
  • Local speed limits will be displayed as part of the GPS journey guide.
  • A road sign will appear at the bottom corner an Android device using Google Maps navigation mode.
  • Users who have downloaded Google Maps on their devices will see a blue beam that will point out from a dot indicating location. It will provide a more accurate definition of the way you are facing to ensure you stay on the right path.
  • The beam will also show the strength of your phone signal and whether there are issues with the compass on your

Speaking of maps, there are Illustrated Maps that are also used for directions. However, instead of the traditional folded maps provided at the airport, the illustrated map provides an aerial view of a certain location to enhance prominent features of a landscape.