Lydia McLaughlin Went To Hawaii With Newborn

Lydia McLaughlin, former star of the controversial Real Housewives of Orange County show, has not appeared with other cast for over a season already. By the looks of her though, she has no regrets despite not being part of the successful TV show. Before leaving the show, Lydia hinted how she wanted to spend more time with her family and to try for another baby. Not long after leaving Real Housewives of Orange County behind, she confirmed that she is pregnant and judging by the timing, she must have known all along.

It was December last year when Lydia McLaughlin gave birth to her third son whom they named Roman. The newborn’s progress is shared by the proud mom through her pages in various social media accounts. Before giving birth, she even shared to her fans the baby’s future nursery room. Despite having a newborn and being a nursing mom, Lydia together with her husband, planned a vacation along with their boys.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star shared some of the details of their vacation. The family went to Hawaii for 12 days and Lydia revealed how magical the trip was for the family.

Despite having the baby just three months ago, their vacation plan and decision to go away to Hawaii for 12 days was memorable. Lydia shared how challenging it was to travel with three kids, all under the age of six and the 6-hour flight they took.

The star’s advice to her fans is that if they want to do or go somewhere then they should follow their heart’s desire. She also hinted about not making any excuses and stepping out of the comfort zone. Though people might suggest that staying at home is much convenient, Lydia believes that travelling is worth it all.

Lydia also shared about how she walked away from The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion and felt like it was God’s plan for her all along and the show was not really meant for her. The star is still open for other opportunities that may come knocking.

Lydia is still deciding what to do next after their third child since she is not in the show for money because they are doing well financially. She reveals how the kids are keeping her busy together with her blog focused on fashion and lifestyle.