LED Lights Will Be Installed At The Outer Ring Road

Many have found themselves entangled in an accident at the Outer Ring Road (ORR) in India. Some people are blaming the fact that there seemed to be a lack of good lighting facilities in here. The government heard their clamour and decided to install LED street lights from Gachibowli to Shamshabad.

Statistics reveal that there were 140 fatalities and 300 accidents in just a period of three years at the ORR. With the installation of the brighter lights, officials are now hoping that they will see significant improvements from the previous accident stats. For this year, there were already 23 reported cases of deaths on the ORR.

How many LED lights will be installed at the ORR? The streetlights were inaugurated early June at the Nanakramguda toll plaza by the mayor of Hyderabad, B Rammohan. A top official of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) department claimed that there will be 929 poles with 1,858 bulbs of 210 watts along the 24.38 km stretch. Aside from helping improve road accidents, they are also expecting lower power consumption with their installation. The official said that power consumption will be 50 percent less. It’s no longer new news that LED products like LED lighting strips lessen the impact on the environment because they are energy efficient, the reason why it was the smarter choice for the ORR.

The newly installed lighting systems are highly advanced to. These can be controlled and monitored by the authorities with the help of the Internet, and anyone who controls it can do it too on any location. Aside from this feature, this is equipped with programming, management, and reporting system, as well as a GSM-based automation system. This can be dimmed by up to 50 percent using the street light automation system. They say that the dimmer option will be handy when traffic is light.

The government has already started using LED at the ORR. Will they also make use of this technology to help create more attractive cities? Who knows? They might think of using coloured LED lighting strips on popular public attractions to boost tourism in the near future. These are energy savers after all so it should be easy for the government to afford them.