Learning Time Management With The End In Mind

Over the years, there have been thousands of books published that tackle time management. All of these books have almost the same context and offers the same advice – set time for checking your emails, unimportant meetings should not be conducted and difficult task should be the priority and so on. Other may contain unique and even weird advices such as one book that suggest a person should don a wig in order to save time in washing and styling every day.

This may seem like a weird advice as many successful people, including Sheryl Sandberg and Bill Gates, have gone on to greatness without having to wear a wig. Majority of time management books focuses on one thing – how to save time. There is now a new advice released to the public which does not give emphasis on saving time but rather on spending them on worthy task and reevaluating the things one does with their precious time.

Tim Urban, the owner of the website waitbutwhy.com has created a pictorial map wherein a person who lives up to 90 years old will be able to see the number of days, weeks, years and decades he or she has. It might shock you to know that everything is contained in a single page only. Urban then suggested that knowing the approximate time a person has on earth will give them a chance to see things on both small and big picture. This will help you decide to make the necessary changes in your short and long-term goal.

According to Laura Vanderkam, our priorities should be the first in everything we do. This means that doing what matters to us will help us live the life that we want with the time that we have.

This is what is portrayed by the matrix between urgency and importance. Majority of us spend time in urgent and non-important matters as well as the non-important and non-urgent task but we fail to allocate more time in important and non-urgent goals.

Look at the bigger picture in order for you to practice time management effectively. This way, you spend the time you have on the things you need to do. After all, everyone has the same number of hours every day and the only difference is how each one made use of it.