Law Promoting Breastfeeding Will Benefit Babies

If you are an expectant mother then one of the most vital decisions you have to make is whether to choose breastfeeding or not. It is important that the mothers as well as the health practitioners have the proper knowledge regarding the matter based on scientific evidence in order to help them decide on the matter. There are dozens of companies that are investing into baby food and they are promoting their products in various ways – wrong promotion could put the baby at risk.

According to the recommendation of Unicef and WHO or World Health Organization, the baby should be fed exclusively with breast milk for their first six months outside the womb. After six months, safe and nutritious food may be introduced along with continued breastfeeding which is recommended until the age of two or longer. The recommendation given is based on scientific research and extensive studies that were conducted all over the globe.

Even though the benefits are endless, it has been recorded that breastfeeding practice is very poor and wrong methods are adapted all over the world. In Thailand alone, the number of babies that are being exclusively breastfed in the first six months outside the womb is only 30 per cent of the total. The figure is considered very low and it shows that Thailand has the lowest percentage in Southeast Asia.

To make sure that expecting mothers get the accurate information in order to decide on the best measure on how and what to feed their babies, a bill is going to be passed by the Ministry of Health and present it to NLA or National Legislative Assembly. The bill proposed to control the marketing methods used by companies promoting breast milk substitutes.

The bill is called Control of Marketing of Infant and Young Child Food Act. It is a comprehensive proposal law that will ensure that infant formula companies will be banned from advertising their products along with other food products that are meant for infants and younger kids.

This bill is just one measure taken by the country to ensure the health of the public. There are also healthier options for adults such as the Thailand health retreat