Introduction of New Luggage Delivery

Whenever you are planning to take a vacation whether it’s within your home country or a country in the Asia Pacific Region, there are many things in which you need to consider before you even book a flight. Among those things that you need to plan way ahead of time is the hotel where you and your companions, whether they’re your friends or family members, are staying for the entire duration of your vacation. In fact, it’s the next thing to plane tickets that you are spending a big amount of money for because whether we like it or not, staying at a nice hotel even if it’s only for a 3 days and 2 night’s vacation, is capable of burning a big hole in your savings account. In choosing where hotel you are going to stay, you must make it a habit to look beyond the hotel rates because rates don’t dictate whether the hotel that you are looking at is worth the money that you are about to pay for or not. When choosing among the hotels you are considering, it’s a good practice that you look at their websites such as the because doing so will give you a better insight as to you can expect from the said hotel.

Recently, AIRPORTELS, a luggage delivery service provider in Bangkok, Thailand, is now offering a brand new service that will surely attract the attention of the frequent travellers. You can avail this said service by downloading its mobile-based application on your smartphone. Once done, you can choose where you will drop your luggage whether it’s in the airport, the hotel or a shopping mall in Bangkok and then the same choices will be available as to where you want your luggage to be delivered. This is a welcome development especially for frequent flyers in Bangkok because carrying around a bulky luggage from the airport to the hotel and vice versa is never an easy thing to do especially if you are using the public transportation to get to the hotel. You just have to check with your hotel’s website like if they are included in the list of hotels that are covered by AIRPORTELS.