Inside Anmer Hall: The Home Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Their Children

Anmer Hall was originally intended as a country property for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but following the birth of Princess Charlotte, it became the full-time residence for the Royal Couple in Norfolk. Anmer Hall boasts of a swimming pool and a private tennis court and several million pounds were spent in refurbishing the 10-bedroom Georgian mansion.

According to documents that were posted on King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council website early this year, the Prince and Princess applied for planning permission so that they could demolish the existing tennis court and create a new one with artificial grass surface that will be further away from their home.

This plan is part of the comprehensive overhaul of the grounds of Anmer Hall in an effort to improve privacy for the family. Part of the plans is a new glazed garden room and new kitchen. Refurbishment for the secluded fortress is largely paid from the private funds of the royal family. Décor chosen is in line with the royal couple’s taste.

The overhaul also involves an extensive tree-planting program that will provide the Prince and Princess as well their children the privacy they deserve. With the newly planted trees, the royal family can go about their business in privacy. There have been several intrusions in the past because of professional photographers using long distance lens.

From afar, the visible roof has a new orange color. So much work is also being done on the gardens at Anmer Hall to make it a comfortable and unpretentious home. The large sash windows have gentleness to it but it is also well located to provide easy access to the Duchy, Windsor, London and several other racecourses.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor have also been granted the no-fly zone over Anmer Hall meaning aircraft is banned from flying within 1.5 miles of the house for security reasons.

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