Indian Motorcycle Adding Infotainment Systems To Motorcycles

Although cars have better comforts compared to motorcycles, this gap is slowly closing in. Air conditioning is, of course, still impossible but motorcycle manufacturers in America are finally bringing the infotainment systems to these 2 wheel transportation. Indian Motorcycle which was founded in 1901 and is the first motorcycle company in the United States has created an innovation in motorcycles through the infotainment systems.

The Breakthrough from Indian Motorcycle

The 2017 models of the Chieftain and the Roadmaster from Indian Motorcycle come with the Ride Command. The Ride Command is an infotainment system integrating navigation, bluetooth connectivity, premium radio and audio, and vehicle data.

Entertainment features

Indian Motorcycle’s 7-inch and 800×480 touch screen is the largest one that is currently available in the market. It is beating Harley Davidson’s 6.5-inch touchscreen. Indian’s display also supports two-finger touch input, while Harley Davidson’s display only supports single-touch. In addition, Ride Command’s touch screen is glove-compatible. It also supports pinch gestures like zooming in and out on a map. The riders are also able to interact with the motorcycle’s infotainment system by using handlebar-mounted control features. This is especially helpful during times when riders are not allowed to take their hands off the handlebars.

Ride Command also has both wireless and wired connectivity options. Riders are able to load songs using the USB drive and play them from its 200-watt audio system on the Roadmaster or its 100-watt audio system on the Chieftain. Songs can also come over the air from its FM/AM/weather band tuners. Additionally, riders using audio systems from their helmets, like those from Sena Technologies, can play the sound via bluetooth wirelessly which a representative from Indian Motorcycle confirmed.

Information features

Aside from the interesting features offered in terms of entertainment, information about safety and maintenance are also offered by the Ride Command. It can display information like fuel economy, fuel range, tire pressure, miles left before oil change, heading and altitude.


With the innovation in infotainment systems and Motorcycle parts, it is only a matter of time before motorcycles become the leading transportation choice among people from all over the world.