India To Welcome Medium Capacity Motorbikes

India might soon be welcoming Aprilia motorbikes because of the recent proposal from Piaggio Group which is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe when it comes to two-wheeled and commercial vehicles. Aprilia is the global brand of the company and they are planning to introduce in India motorbikes that are in the middle capacity category.

The flagship motorbike by Aprilia known internationally is the 1000cc RSV4 and it is also available in the country but it sells as a CBU. According to the roadmap created by Piaggio for Aprilia it will create motorcycles that are in a new range but only with middle capacity which will also be introduced in emerging markets.

The plan made by the company is in line with the newest developments in the market considering that other companies manufacturing two-wheeled vehicles in Europe are also venturing into developing motorbike lines that are more affordable. These companies are trying to penetrate markets of countries that have developing economies including India.

One good example is the KTM AG which is leading the BMW Motorrad due to its connection with Bajaja Auto, a local Indian company. As of now, the global sales of their motorcycles within the small and medium capacities are on a record high. The motorcycle models under KTM are produced at the Chakan plant owned by Bajaja Auto and then the same motorbikes are exported to a number of countries within America and Europe.

BMW Motorrad is also following the trend because of its new line of medium capacity motorbikes in partnership woth a local company, TVS Motor Company. As of the moment, BMW G 310 R by TVS is produced at the Hosur plan before it is sent to Europe. The Indian market is about to welcome the model soon and this will mark the first venture of BMW Motorrad into the sector.

With the lead of these two companies, Piaggio is now interested to tackle the same path by introducing Aprilia motorbikes with middle capacity. They are quite positive with the plan because Aprilia has always been warmly welcomed in the country since it introduced premium scooter models.