Important Factors To Consider For Proper Installation Of MRI

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine is a costly equipment used in hospitals and imaging centres. The cost of the machine runs into thousands of dollars and it requires proper transport and installation by experts.

If you are planning to buy an MRI machine for your hospital, here are a few things to consider, before making the decision. Transport and installation are key to proper functioning of an MRI, contract a firm specializing in high tech installations in your city.

  1. The first step to consider is the site. MRI machines require huge space. Proper site planning is essential for efficient installation of the There are a lot of factors to keep in mind while deciding the site of installation as a lot of factors like moving metal objects, elevators, traffic patterns etc. that can influence the performance of an MRI. Opting for professional personnel, who specialize in hi tech installations will help you in perfect installation of the machine.
  2. The MRI site requires RF and magnetic shielding. Hire a firm specializing in hi tech installations and shielding to do the work. Proper shielding enhances the image quality of an MRI. An installation and shielding expert will know whether the site requires magnetic shielding or not. Experienced shielding specialists conduct proper magnetic tests at each stage of installation, like before the design process, after the completion of the room and also after the installation of the MRI.
  3. Exterior features like running water and sewer lines, electric lines, moving metal objects, overhead and underground power lines etc. effect the performance of an MRI. Installation of MRI requires specific structural guidelines and also has HVAC requirements, which have to be taken care of.
  4. Ultimately, patient safety is the key factor. The MRI should be installed in a four-zone plan, which enhances the patient safety. The plan should provide for safe waiting areas and changing rooms for the patients and staff. Proper site plan also helps in efficient management of the workflow.

Consult a firm experienced in hi tech installations for a safe and stress free installation of your MRI machine. The professional and qualified staff of these firms are well trained to carry on installations of high tech equipment.