Impact Of Artist Pop-ups In Public Health

A clinic in Minneapolis set up a pop-up trailer in front of their yard this summer and this is managed by Soozin Hirschmugl. This is the exact time when a young woman of Native American descent visited the clinic together with her partner. According to Hirschmugl, the woman stopped by the trailer where she painted a dream catcher. Before leaving, the woman’s partner talked to her and thanked her because of the time she has devoted which is not common. Hirschmugl also makes personalised art and she was commissioned by the People’s Center Health Services along with 16 other artists.

They are tasked to devote a few hours in front of the clinic every Thursday afternoon so they can initiate a program involving art. The program will last for four months and the goal is to engage the community in an organic method that does focus on their illness.

The People’s Center is currently one of the health clinics that are trying programs that put health into a broader perspective. One of their missions is to make the community active in outreach as well as health education programs. They were made aware that traditional methods are not given much attention such as workshops and classes.

Sahra Noor, People’s Center Clinics & Services’ CEO, said that if they send invitation to the community for a health class, very little to none will attend. Noor admitted that they have used the pop-ups in previous health fairs all over the city when they do outreach but they have never set it up in front of the clinic before.

The clinic was established in south Minneapolis in 1970 and its location is known to be the breeding ground of immigrants, activists and artists. It provides various services to the community such as mental health care, medical and dental. They do not take into account the financial status of the patient. The pop-ups were started to make the patients feel more at ease when visiting doctors. These art classes will encourage them to create personalised art and might even motivate them to try something new.