How To Skip Company Events While Being A Team Player

With the changing trends in the workplace, employers are now organizing corporate events in Sydney which is aimed in encouraging talented employees as well as boost the workplace morale. We can’t deny the fact though that there are corporate events that are fun and well planned out while there are those that are boring and makes you want to skip right away.

If your company event organizer is too eager, you can skin professional outings that you know will not be as fun but you should do it in a way that other employees will still think of you as a team player.

First, you should be careful in choosing the events you should skip. It is not possible to skip out of every event the company has because team building is an essential part of bonding experience between colleagues. Attend major events at least every quarter. If you have allotted a certain personal time for you or your family, you don’t have to sacrifice those times just to spend with them with your co-workers in mini-events or outings. You should know about your company to know the events attendance that is acceptable in order to know when to skip and when to attend.

Put boundaries so people will know that if you don’t make it to an event is because you have prior engagement without having to explain to everyone. You are not required to tell them why you can’t go.

There are instances wherein you don’t have to skip the event at all but you can leave early if you want to. Just do it gracefully such as excusing yourself because of another appointment or telling them that your family expects you to be home at a certain time.

Follow up with people individually once the event is over. Just because you did not attend does not mean that you can’t follow up with people you always wanted to see such as another colleague that works in a different department. At the end of the day, choosing to attend corporate events in Sydney should be your decision to make sure that you have a work-life balance. Not everything in your life should be about work anyway.