How To Put A Twist To Your Website This Year

Perth Web Design gave insights on what could be done in order to put a twist or a taste of something new on your website this 2015.

– Review your website and alter anything that looks like a copy of someone else’s website or a clone of a company website. Things that people often see on various sites do not make an impact on the visitors. E-commerce sites should focus more on why they are doing the business rather than just present all the products. The site should be more about what the clients want and not what the company is trying to offer. A simple and straightforward approach is better because not everyone will give so much as a few minutes in one website.

– The typography adapted by the website should be improved every time. It might say the same things but the way it was presented will have an effect on people. Typography is important because the message the company wants to convey are presented using fonts and should be carefully planned from the color to the spaces used. All the elements that effect typography should be chosen carefully in order to complement one another.

– A website’s appearance is not the only factor that impacts a visitor’s decision but many others. It should be able to catch the user’s attention and the images and typography used are important. Once you catch their attention, it must not stop there. Pique their interest by adding important information carefully and briefly lay out. Avoid using paragraphs which could be unappetizing to read. After getting their interest, present something that will encourage the user to purchase or acquire the offer presented. Lastly, once the visitor decided that they want what you offer there must be accessible forms or buttons where they can easily take action.

– Use images that are taken professionally as it will reflect the company and the business. Avoid using stock photos or images taken using low definition cameras. The photos should be able to speak to the visitor and a plain looking image will lose their interest in seconds.