How to Pick the Right Residential Electrician in Perth

Hiring the right residential electrician in Perth gives you the peace of mind that your building or residential space is safe from fire and accident hazards. There are numerous electrical contractors around Perth or in your locality but to ensure that you will hire the right one, consider the following ideas prior to finalizing your decision.

Insurance and license

One of the things that you should check first from an electrician is his license. This gives you the guarantee that the electrician is experienced and has gone thru proper training to obtain the license. Another thing to check is the electrician’s insurance. Any costs will be covered if issues or accidents take place in your building while the service is being conducted.

Good industry reputation

Ask for recommendation or read reviews before hiring a residential electrician in Perth. You can call the previous customers of the electrician for feedback or you can check from the company website to get reviews. It is better to hire an electrician who is trusted by your community or in the industry.


Before hiring an electrician, find out if he or the company he belongs to offers service warranty. This will prevent you from spending unnecessarily if ever related issues come out after the service was conducted.  A service guarantee ensures workmanship and better service to customers. With warranty, any repairs would be covered and you won’t have to incur additional expenses for it.

A reasonable cost estimate

Ask for cost estimates from different contractors. This will give you an idea how much is the average costs for the services you require. This will also give you an idea if the company you are considering offers reasonable charge for your needed services.  A cost estimate is particularly important to ask from a residential electrician in Perth when you need electrical installations or major repairs around the house. Read the service contract thoroughly before signing it especially those that are indicated in fine prints. Check what needs to be done and indicate them on your cost estimate request.