How To Order Perfect Steaks At El Gaucho Soi 11

People have different preferences when it comes to their steaks. While some are confident and knowledgeable on how they want their steak to be, there are those who are not sure how to order in steakhouses like El Gaucho Soi 11 in Bangkok. To help placing your order easier, take a look at the meaning of steak-related terms:


When you say raw, you are actually referring to the state of the meat in its raw form or before it sits on the grill. A raw steak has soft and squishy meat while its fat can be hard. However, when grilled,   the fat becomes softer as it shrinks while the meat becomes firmer.

Blue Rare

Blue rare is cooked under a very short time and you can tell this by its soft texture. It is cooked under 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit and is seasoned and browned. The cooked steak would be warm on the outside but bright red in the middle. In Bangkok, El Gaucho Soi 11 prepares and cooks perfect steaks to their diners.


A rare steak is prepared and cooked similar to blue rare but it stays on the grill longer and under 86-100 degrees Fahrenheit. With a rare steak, you can sear it on the outside but its centre remains cool and 75% red.

Medium Rare

This type of steak is warm all throughout with its centre having a temperature of 134-145 degrees Fahrenheit. The outside of the steak is well-browned and firm while its inside is 50% soft and red.


A medium well is between rare and well done. The centre has 25% red colour while its entirety is rich brown, even charred. At its centre, there is a tinge of spongy texture on it but the steak itself remains firm to the touch.

Medium Well

This is suitable for El Gaucho Soi 11 customers who do not want colour on their steak. Its centre meat may contain pale pink but overall, medium well is charred, stiff and is covered with dark brown crust.

Well Done

These are the fully cooked type of steaks without a hint of redness on its meat. It is also the most challenging to prepare since it has to be cooked thoroughly without burning the outside meat.