How To Keep The Pets Healthy During The Summer Heat

During the summer season, the best step to undertake is to bring the pet dog to Bellevue pet grooming to help them beat the heat. Ticks are prevalent when the weather is warm; however, pet groomers warn against shaving off the pet’s hair completely because hair works as an insulator. Pet groomers know much hair should be left so that the pet will not be too encumbered by the heat.

Proper grooming is very important because summer is also the season for ticks. Make sure that the pet groomer is pet friendly with equipment that is sanitized to prevent skin infections. Pets are particularly susceptible to strokes when the weather is too warm because of their thick fur. If the pet will be given a bath, it is important to dry the hair properly using a hair dryer.

Aside from proper grooming, it is also necessary to consider the pet’s diet and exercise because they also change due to warm temperature. When you take the dog out for a walk, always take into account the outdoor temperature. During summer, it is wise to take the dog out early in the morning or late in the evening. If you feel that the temperature outdoors is not comfortable for you, it probably isn’t right for your dog, too.

Many dog owners notice that their pet loses its appetite when the weather it too warm. Dogs do not usually eat during the daytime; instead, they eat during early morning or late evening. If the dog is not eating, do not be worried but make sure it is hydrated properly. Some dogs like to play with ice cubes and small portions of watermelon to keep them cool.

Dogs certainly enjoy swimming. You can take the pet to the pool twice a week or every alternate week. However, do not push your dog into the water particularly if it is their first time to swim in a pool.

There are low cost but high effective services offered by Bellevue pet grooming so that the pet will look its best. There are also grooming services offered for customized needs or A la Carte service format.