How To Choose A Bangkok International School In Thailand?

According to data from ISC Research, there are around 170 English-speaking international schools in Thailand, which respond to the learning needs of preschoolers, primary and high-school students, with almost 67,000 pupils attending. Parents have now the options to choose the best Bangkok international school for their children.

Education in Bangkok

In Bangkok alone, there are 106 schools, even if the city is noted for its traffic congestion.  Families who already reside here suggest that expatriates find a good school for their kids, which are closest to their homes, or near the MRT station, for easier transports.

Demand for International Schools in Thailand

Aside from expatriates, the affluent local families are now seeking places at a Bangkok international school, to provide high quality education for their children. They feel that their kids are provided with enhanced opportunities for higher education that these schools can offer their students. What this implies is having a high demand for international schools. In local schools, there is no limit as to the number of students, but with international schools, they have set a control to ensure that expatriates and their children are accommodated with quality education in relation to the nature of the school.

A Variety of International School Choices

With Thailand’s international schools, 52% of them follow the British curriculum, 32% provide the American curriculum, and 14% offer International Baccalaureate programs. The International School Bangkok and Bangkok Patana School are those that dominate the international schools found in the country. They are a reputable school, with students attaining aboveaverage grades on an annual basis.  Bangkok Patanawas founded in 1957 and uses the British curriculum. It has over 2200 students from 65 various nationalities. Founded in 1951, the International School Bangkok occupies a huge campus in Bangkok. It provides an American curriculum with nearly 2000 students from 4 to 18 years old. There are also other international schools thatare popular in Bangkok.

More Schooling Options

With the vast improvement of its international school community, Thailand hopes to be the centre for international education in the southeast Asia. It implies that the government will continue to support a new Bangkok international school, and continue its accessibility for local children. The schools are expected to continue growing, especially with the expansion of business opportunities from multinationals.