How To Book In Affordable Hotel In Bangkok

There are many ways to find an affordable hotel in Bangkok and all it takes is to be resourceful and invest time for some researching. Here are simple yet effective ways to save money while having a good time in the magnificent city of Bangkok.

Compare rates

While it can be tempting to book at the first hotel that you might come across with on the internet, it would be wise if you would check from other sources before you finalize your booking. Check from at least five hotels or more to compare rates and the perks that you can get out of the hotel rates. Avoid looking merely at the price alone but on what you can get out of it. For instance, a hotel accommodation might be cheaper but if you would have to pay for breakfast or shuttle service, you might be paying more instead of saving money for your accommodation.

Look for hotel deals

To make your hotel expenses even lower, look for an affordable hotel in Bangkok that offers deals such as promo codes and big discounts for those who will book early.

Ask for discounts

For busy areas such as Sukhumvit in Bangkok, the competition in the hotel industry is tough so you can expect for hotels to offer various marketing options and strategies to encourage more customers to their establishment. Before you book for an accommodation, find out how you can get discount from the hotel. There are hotels that offer a certain percentage discount for returning guests while there are those that offer discount on certain memberships such as club, organization, profession and other groups. Send an email inquiry to the hotel to find out how you can lower your accommodation expenses.

Right timing

At times, getting an affordable hotel in Bangkok is just a matter of proper timing. There are hotels that offer lower rates after 6:00 PM while there are those that offer lower rates during weekends. This is particularly true for business districts when hotels are mainly utilized for business meetings and related purposes.