How Bathroom Renovations Can Be Appealing To Potential Tenants

Investors can make their properties stand out through bathroom renovations Perth WA so that it has a good chance of attracting tenants. According the May 2015 data released by SQM Research, national home vacancies rose from 2.4% in April to 2.5% in May with Darwin having the highest vacancy rate at 3.5 % and Hobart with the lowest at 1.5 %. Sydney has vacancy rate of 1.8%, Adelaide 1.9%, Melbourne and Brisbane 2.3% and Perth 3.4 %.

These figures show that investors should ensure that their rental properties attract good quality tenants so that vacancies will not last long. The house need not be the best looking property on the block but it has to feel fresh and clean and easy to maintain. A home renovation could involve replacing old fixtures, opening new walls and updating the home’s heating system. Bathroom renovations are among the most popular because it adds both value and enjoyment.

However, bathroom renovations also provide the perfect opportunity to dramatically improve water and energy efficiency aside from making the home healthier and more comfortable. Renovating the bathroom can be efficient, green and cost effective. Bathrooms account for 75% of water used in an average home. Water-efficient fixtures like low-flow faucets and showerheads as well as ultra-low flush toilets will reduce the amount of water that is sent down the drain.

To minimize the environmental impact and conserve resources, choose certified forest flooring and cabinetry, recycled countertops and tiles and locally produced products and materials. Finishes must be easy to clean and maintain and should remain in god condition for years. It is also important to prepare for tenants who might be older like making sure that controls and fixtures are within easy reach. It also makes sense to install grab bars near the toilet and bathtub with a non-slip surface on the shower.

Tenants will appreciate a cut on their energy bills when low energy lighting and exhaust fans are installed with insulations on the hot and cold water pipes, walls and ceilings. Growth of molds can be prevented through moisture-resistant materials and finishes like ceramic tiles, natural stone and laminates. Bathroom renovation costs can be kept to a minimum while making the rental property appealing to potential tenants.