Hotel In Pattaya Demolished Due To Illegal Modification

It is no secret to many, locals and tourists alike, that the resort city in Thailand is expecting a large number of visitors every time. This is why many developers are trying to jump in the trend and launch their own accommodation be it a hotel with suite rooms in Pattaya or a resort. While many are obedient to the laws of the city, there are those that are willing to bend the laws just to earn more money from the tourism boom.

This is what happens to a certain hotel establishment located in Pattaya. Authorities found out that the management illegally modified the building by adding more floors to it to accommodate more guests. The building has 13 stories and was demolished earlier this month.

The municipality of Pattaya hired a contractor in order to do the demolition job. They used a number of equipment such as cranes and backhoes together with their human workforce. The hotel establishment is called Boutique Hotel and its 13 stories were demolished. It was previously located at the South Pattaya around NongPrue, which is under the Bang Lamung district. During the demolition, authorities were present including municipal officials, soldiers and police officers.

According to the chief engineer of the municipality of Pattaya, JamornKhajornjerm, the contractor during the demolition was Tyranno Co. They were hired and paid for by the municipality for 2.9 milllion baht so the 13-storey establishment may be demolished for illegal activities. Though the demolition has started with the use of heavy machinery, it will take 6 months for the job to be fully completed.

An order was issued to the operator of Boutique Hotel, Jomtien Holiday Co, by the municipality of Pattaya before. The order stated that its two buildings should be demolished as well once the hotel is done because both are found to have been modified illegally by putting additional floors.

One building should have only five floors but it currently has seven while the second building has 13 floors but the initial plan was only seven floors. This is why tourists are urged to book only legal suite rooms in Pattaya for their own safety.