Homeowners In Melbourne Received Warning Of Possible Termite Attacks

It is common to hear of homeowners calling for pest control in Sydney but the need might be reaching Melbourne too. Melbourne had its fair share of pest problems from the mosquitoes to the flies. They residents are now given warning by the insect experts regarding the possibility that a group of termites might be starting to invade properties all over the city.

According to Dr. Don Ewart, the ideal weather that has been blessing the city is one of the major reasons why the termites are thriving. Dr.Ewart is an entomologist who educates students at Melbourne Polytechnic regarding pest management.

Dr.Ewart said that the same type of weather has been the cause of the problems brought about by flies and mosquitoes. This is also the best weather for termites to breed and explore other areas.

He explained that termites loved the fact that the spring was good and wet and the city continues to receive moisture thus the termites are still active when it comes to exploring. The pest managers who are experts when it comes to termite control have already run away because of the incoming threat.

Dr.Ewart also added that the summer is turning out to be a bad one. The fact is that the bad things may have already started but the people are not just aware.

He said that when the moisture level on the soil is high, it creates a big impact to the termites. Termites are considered to be an organized version of pest cockroaches.

They are known to create tunnels therefore it is easy for them to locate areas where they are able to start their attack. They may have started an attack but it will take several weeks and even months before the homeowners see the effect of their destruction.

Homeowners should be aware that termites thrive well when there is damp and moisture in the surrounding thus water should be used with caution.

Dr.Ewart said that termites are always thirsty thus they go looking for water. The environment will be perfect for them if their water source is also near where food is kept. Homeowners suspecting termite attacks should contact pest control in Sydney and Melbourne as soon as possible to rectify the situation.