Home Automation Scene Welcomes Alexa

Amazon recently launched it intelligent voice service that is designed for everyone’s home, Alexa. Amazon released a product before called Echo Dot which cost only $49 and it has become the company’s product to rival other voice assistance used in home automation. In a way, it is a medium used in order to create Alexa which is the voice assistant developed by Amazon.

Alexa has its own built-in speaker as well as microphone. It has can be connected to other larger speakers through the use of Bluetooth audio connection. It can be used in a number of applications and skills that which makes the device quite useful and it comes with entertainment value.

As soon as you open the box, you can already ask Alexa a few basic questions such as the time of day or the expected weather forecast. It will then respond accurately depending on your location. Alexa can also be used to set a times, do addition and converting specific currencies as well as play radio stations via the internet or music through the Amazon Prime.

It has the ability to crack jokes of the same standard as those you can see in Christmas crackers and has the capacity to sing songs as festive as the holidays. It can be a kid’s friend as it provides endless entertainment.

You can also integrate it with your Google Calendar, this way you will know if you have meetings as Alexa will remind you. If the users have complicated queries, Amazon taps third party applications that will help Alexa. How useful the app will be will depend greatly on how effective the app developers have utilized voice control.

Alexa is also able to control products at home that are designed for home automation including Nest, Hive central heating systems, Philips Hue lights, SmartThings and Wemo products. The support provided by developers on integrating their products with Alexa will depend greatly on the manufacturer as well as developers. Alexa is still on its early days despite the fact that Amazon has been trying to catch the attention of the consumers who are interested in home automation systems.