Here’s How You Can Make Sure Your Shipments Arrive In One Piece

CA – March 19, 2016 – If you own an online store selling all sorts of products, then shipment is most definitely one of your biggest concerns. First of all, it already y is hard to convince customers online to make a purchase with you. Conversions can be hard to come by so when you do get a customer to purchase your products, it is important that you provide them with effective shipping options and guarantee that their orders arrive in one piece. However, there is truly no guarantee that your shipment would not get damage during transit that is why you yourself would have to take certain steps to protect your shipments.

How are you going to do this? Simple! You’d be able to secure your products by packaging it in the best way possible. You can follow these effective tips if you have no idea what to do.

  1. Box Strength. Before you start packaging, you would first have to make sure that the box is in the right shape to provide sufficient protection and to do this, you would have to consider the Box Strength Guidelines. First take the weight of the items that you will package. Once you have done that, get the width, length and depth of the box and add them by inches. If the sum is 75 inches and less, it should only hold no more than 30 pounds but if you go for heavy duty double-walled boxes, it would be able to take twice the load. It would be best if you purchase new boxes than use old and used ones.
  2. Before you place the items inside the box, make sure that you first cover them with 2 inches of cushioning for each item on all sides. They should also be placed 2 inches from the wall of the box and then fill in the voids with more cushioning. Fillers and bubble wrap would suffice.
  3. Use pressure-sensitive tape or water activated tape that is at least 2 inches wide instead of using duct tape or masking tape. Also it would be best if you don’t label the box with words like ‘fragile’ to avoid tempting troublemakers. is known to provide quality packaging materials. Make sure to only buy quality materials to ensure the security of your shipment.