Harlem Tenants Endure The Cold Due To Boiler Breakdown

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In Harlem, 3,000 public housing tenants have to endure the cold during a snowstorm because the aging boilers crashed. The tenants of King Towers are no longer expecting any solution to their woes as Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio bicker over the fixing of NYCHA heat. The two New York politicians have made a promise to spend millions of dollars for the replacement of boilers in 31 NYCHA developments but King Towers is not on the list.

At about 9:30 AM, Tuesday, King Towers crashed resulting into 10 buildings losing heat and hot water. NYCHA workers were immediately dispatched to fix the problem and 12 hours later the boilers were listed as back on line; however, heat did not last. By 5:40 AM, Wednesday, the system has crashed again. Workers were still trying to fix the boiler so that heat can be restored for the development’s tenants.

According to a tenant, Madeline Ellis, they had to turn on the stove to warm the unit where she lives with her 4 children including a 4-month old infant. Thousands of public tenants complain that they lose heat whenever they need it most. Mayor de Blasio has a proposal to spend $200 million for boiler upgrading in 20 selected developments that did not include King Towers.

NYCHA has admitted that at least 43% of 1,980 boilers under their authority are failing or considered obsolete andmust be replaced immediately. It was also confirmed that the boiler at King Towers had to be shutdown when a part was found out to be shaking dangerously.

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