Grooms Of India – Their Preference For Limousines And Vintage Cars

At Limousine Royalty, there are always limos that will suite your taste and preferences. Shiny, sleek and sophisticated with every imaginable amenity, limousines are the perfect ride to your wedding. It is not uncommon for wedding couples to wish for a grand entrance and this can be successfully provided by a stretch limo that is undoubtedly an eye-catching sight as you drive to most special event of your life.

It is not just the excitement of his wedding day that has put a glow on Ashwath’s face but the fact that he and his bride will be riding a limo. While Ashwath was cruising to the wedding venue, all eyes on the street were on the limo. Many onlookers have captured the most unusual event with their phone cameras. This is understandably true every time a limo appears on a street because it is very rare for people to see one.

Unlike Aswath who went for a conventional stretch limo, Rishabh is dreaming of a sparkling white limousine that is embellished with fresh flowers and standing on a red carpet on his wedding day. Rishabh has always been fascinated with limousines that he saw on films with the “just married” signboard at its back. This fascination is now turning to reality because his brother arranged for limousine service for his wedding.

It is not only Aswath and Rishabh who want a grand entry to their wedding since many grooms have discarded the more conventional options. Many grooms see themselves driving to church in no less than a designer chariot or a carriage pulled by horses. However, the hot favorite remains to be the limousine that can be rented for 20,000 to 50,000 Rupiah.

Businessman Rohit Bhasin has imported two limousines from Dubai for rental purposes because it is the trend. His limousines are booked for the entire wedding season because couples no longer want the usual sedans. Along with stretch limos, vintage cars are also in demand.

However, it not easy to hire unconventional vintage cars because most of them are privately owned and the owners do not want to rent them out. Anyway, people have the second best option in stretch limos.