German Video News Ruptly Deploying New Tech For World Cup Coverage

German video news agency, Ruptly, will be offering broadcast services for people to ดูบอลสด, with the use of three outdoor multi-camera studios across Russia, in the cities Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Sochi. On top of all of that, there will also be live stand-up positions distributed across 11 host cities.


Ruplty’s broadcasting will allow people to ดูบอลสด, covering all of the World Cup events, pre-match trainings, exclusive interviews with FIFA stars, and viral videos taken from host cities across Russia. The agency’s app, Rupty Stringer, will also allow for the sourcing and providing user-generated videos, live and updated.


For those looking to the agency’s Ruptly Live platform, the German news agency is expect at least four live daily transmissions for 2018’s World Cup events. The Ruptly Live platform allows users to broadcast nine events to outgoing devices and destinations, like social media and TVs, simultaneously. The app also makes direct streams to social media easy, requiring no additional specialist technology or setup from the user, allowing people to ดูบอลสดconveniently with minimal effort.


In order to provide the best coverage, Ruptly has turned to state-of-the-art methods, using remote controlled drones and high-tech 360-degree cameras for viewers to enjoy their favorite sports events.

In the run-up to the coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Ruptly broadcasted the pre-World Cup matches with FIFA and Russian football legends, which featured multi-camera broadcasts, which was available in five different languages.

In order to provide the best quality, multi-camera live broadcasting, Ruptly deployed their 4K OB van, which utilizes Riedel’s Mediornet video router, alongside Bolero wireless intercom and Arri’s Amira cameras. This equipment allowed for lossless broadcasting to international clients and social media platforms, also available in five languages, with professional sports commentators for all five languages.

Whether or not the van will be available for the main events of FIFA World Cup 2018, will be revealed as part of Ruptly’s complete overview of their coverage of this year’s events, which will reveal the news agency’s technology and equipment available for this year’s events. These details will be revealed at the IBC in Amsterdam in September.