Floodwaters In Perth Failed To Ruin A Wedding

Caversham House is one of the popular wedding venues in Perth because of its intricate architecture and amazing gardens. A couple booked the venue for their wedding on February 11 but they had no idea that the weekend will be the wettest in the history of Perth.

When the couple arrived at the venue, they found out the sprawling gardens, tall columns and cobbled staircases were covered by water. However, for the couple, the waters were not reason enough to move the wedding to another venue. The wedding photographer, Robert Gordon decided that the submerged grounds will be a perfect backdrop for the wedding photographs.

Gordon says that it is the photographer’s job to tell a story and the rains and floodwaters will make the wedding photographs more memorable. The original plan was to hold the wedding at the lawn at the bottom of the stairs but the water was halfway up the staircase. They were incredibly lucky that the venue had tiered grounds and it wasn’t raining on the wedding day.

Photographs were taken while the couple was on the first tier; however, Gordon noticed the next couple of steps were going under the water because the floodwaters were rising very quickly. According to Kristy Van Der Walt, this was only the second flood that the Caversham House experienced in the last 17 years. That Saturday, the floodwaters rose by approximately a metre above the banks of the Swan Lake and submerged the grounds of the Hidden Garden.

Several events were scheduled at Caversham House that weekend and not one of them was cancelled due to the floodwaters. The magnificent gardens at the second level which were not affected by the floodwaters were used for the events. According to Gordon, the photographs that were taken during the wedding were particularly unique and memorable.

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