First Ever Laser Eye Surgery Done On A Falcon

Lasik, or laser eye surgery Northern Ireland, is a procedure not exclusive for humans only as a falcon from New Hampshire named Banner received a second round of laser eye surgery. Banner had cataracts in both eyes and the procedure is as stepping stone for her to, one day, fly again.

Dr. Andre d’Hemecourt conducted the procedure. As an ophthalmologist in the Eye Center in Concord, he has conducted countless laser eye procedures on humans before. However, it was the first time he operated on an animal let alone a falcon. Moreover, it was the first ever cataract surgery on a falcon.

Baner, who is five years old has had cataract surgery prior to the laser eye surgery. But it was not enough.

Nancy Cowan runs the New Hampshire School of Falconry. She owns and had raised Banner. She said that the first procedure has helped Banner’s eye sight. However, the falcon’s full vision never returned.

Cowan said that Banner could see but it just wasn’t enough for a falcon. She had hoped that the bird might receive the same kind of procedure that is done on humans.

It was after then that d’Hemecourt received a call from a retired veterinarian Dr. George Messenger and was asked if he could help for the next step. It was Messenger who had conducted the cataract surgery on Banner.

After six months of preparation and an hour of surgery, d’Hemecourt and his team of veterinarians were able to succeed in the first ever laser eye procedure done on a falcon.

Dr. d’Hemecourt said that Banner seemed to have responded positively to the procedure as he started to blink when the laser removed the cloudiness in her eyes.

Cowan was in agreement to this as she reported to have said that the procedure tremendously improved Banner’s sight. She also said that they are contemplating on retraining Banner and hoped that she would one day return to flying up in the air. She now believes that the second procedure would be able to do that for Banner as the first cataract operation never really helped her fly again.