Extreme Diving Experiences In The Underwater World

Dive Butler was founded by Alexis Vincent, a former scuba expert in 2008. The objective of Dive Butler was to find the most spectacular dive sites all over the world and take guests there in the most extravagant way possible. After eight years, Dive Butler has grown and it includes a team of 50 individuals who will lead the way for the most ambitious diving trips. Dive Butler allows diving enthusiasts to enjoy the most extreme underwater experience that is still relatively unknown to most people.

With Vincent’s help along with the expertise of a few adventurers around the world, you can experience an unforgettable journey from the Galapagos to the Andaman Sea to the world’s most dramatic diving sites. Prices for the diving trip vary depending of the type of trip chosen. For example, an underwater adventure on an extreme dive site can cost $2,200 a week. Vincent can also coordinate for the best yachts to the desired destination while preparing every detail from permits, equipment and certifications for as much as $250,000 per week.

If you are interested on the most extreme diving sites, Vincent can take you to a diving trip to India’s last remaining active volcano that is located in the center of Barren Island. On most days, you can see smoke coming out of the caldera but underwater it is a lunar landscape formed out of black volcanic rocks. You can see coral and different varieties of fishes amidst the highly unusual backdrop.

Another unique dive site can be found in Myanmar’s Mergui archipelago. The current is quite strong and requires strong diving abilities. Extra safety precautions are undertaken because gray reef sharks occasionally come to say hello. Vincent ensures the comfort and convenience of each guest while traversing the island to reach the over-the-top diving site.

Diving from Similan islands liveaboards is the best way to explore the magnificent waters of the Andaman Sea. Similan Islands is the most popular island group in the Andaman Sea and a famous destination for divers who want to enjoy the most interesting diving sites in the world where the most spectacular coral growths can be found.