Exclusive Hotels Accessible Through Suiteness

For ordinary citizens all over the globe, booking an exclusive luxury hotel might seem like a hard feat to accomplish thinking that majority of the guests are celebrities and VIP individuals. This is a wrong assumption though.

Suiteness is an online booking portal which provides members the access to book more than 20,000 of the top exclusive hotel suites which are undeniably expensive. These suites are located in various major cities all over the globe such as New York, London, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The company partnered with a few chosen hotel establishments including Shangri-La, Park Hyatt and Four Seasons. More than half of the rooms in these hotels are exclusively reserved for Suiteness.

According to the CEO of the company, Robbie Bhathal, the online portal Suiteness is unique because the exclusive suites of luxury hotels cannot be usually booked through regular booking sites. Suiteness is a platform where the users have to be members in order to access the site. This way, the hotels will know that they are reserving the room to the right kind of customer.

He also said that hotels are not willing to upgrade the sites to the next level because it would not be right to place the Porsche dealership adjacent to a Toyota dealership.

Bhathal also added that Suiteness is geared toward customers that have young families or bookings for special occasions. They are especially targeting customers with a disposable income that is higher than most as well as those who would be willing to spend more than a regular hotel room rate in order to accommodate everyone.

A survey revealed suite rooms in hotels are only booked 20 percent of the time which means that luxury suites can now be easily accessed by members of Suiteness and they might even book a room they never know existed before.

Bhathal revealed that the company has grown by more than 10 times in the last year and it is their goal to develop something that is not yet available in the market. With Suiteness, customers will not be able to book a room in an exclusive hotel in Luang Prabang.