Enjoy Life 24 Hours A Day

Thailand is found in the heart of South East Asia. Neighbouring all the other famous countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and many more. Thailand is known to have many islands that are visited by local and foreign tourists from all over the world. The country’s rich culture captivates the deepest sentiments of its tourists. Many of these visitors only has good words to say with the hospitality they have received from the locals.

Thailand’s capital is the ever famous Bangkok. Bangkok has a population of over 8 million (8,000,000) people young and old, this is about 12.6% of the country’s overall population. Bangkok is eminent because for its famous temples and historical heritage. A tour around town is easy and cheap. You have to try and go around using the tuk tuk that you can find through the busy streets of Bangkok. You can also ride the long tail boat along the floating markets.

Thai food is a must try. A wide diversity of cuisine will surely tickle your taste buds. The people from Bangkok are exceptionally fond of sweets and many of their delicacies include pork, fresh water fish in palm sugar and coco milk. Thai curries are known to be coconut based that gives it a creamy texture and distinct taste. When you visit Thailand try out these mouth-watering dishes, Som Tum a green papaya with a spicy kick, Tom Yum Goong a hot and spicy shrimp soup and the very famous Pad Thai, fried noodles cooked the Thai way.

If you came to Bangkok either for business or pleasure, you will not believe on how you can relax and enjoy Bangkok. After a busy day with client meetings or after finishing a project why not try unwind in a 24 hour bar in Bangkok. Yes, it is open 24 hours. You do not have to worry that the gates will close out on you and not be able to enjoy the nightlife after work. But the best thing is the fact you can start and end your day in the bar just having a wonderful time with friends and get to meet new people that will join and party with you.