Energy Efficient Ari Compressors And Vacuum Pumps To Be Launched By Atlas Copco

The latest air compressors and vacuum pumps will be displayed by Atlas Copco at the PMPA Show 2017 to be held in Birmingham, UK on September 26 to 28 of this year. The most recent GHS VSD+ rotary screw compressor and DZM multiple dry claw vacuum pump systems including the GA VSD+ oil-injected compressor range were designed to deliver energy savings. These systems are all suitable for a variety of packaging and processing applications.

According to Richard Oxley, vacuum product manager of Atlas Copco, compressed air and vacuum are very important elements in a wide range of production processes for the packaging industry. Air compressors and vacuum pumps are very vital in pneumatic conveyors and thermoforming of plastics including vacuum sealing of meat and cheese products. The latest vacuum pump and compressor systems are offered to companies so that they will have a wide range of options for their specific application needs. Aside from the reduction in energy usage, operating costs in the production processes will be minimized.

Three new models have been added by Atlas Copco to its GHS VSD+ range of variable speed driven oil-sealed rotary screw pumps to offer flow rates of up to 5004 m3/h. The most recent GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ rotary screw pumps are designed specifically for users of large industrial vacuum in the UK’s glass, plastic, canning and food packaging industries. These industries stand to benefit from 50% less in their energy consumption if they upgrade existing centralized vacuum systems or switch from using the multiple and decentralized point-of-use pumps to a central vacuum system that is based on at least one or two GHS VSD+ systems.

The new rotary screw pumps will complement existing GHS VSD+ systems that have been launched in 2015 to enable users to precisely adapt their vacuum requirements to meet the demands of their processes.

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