End Of The Era Of Female Latin American Presidents

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However, in the Latin world that is more known for machismo, a Latin woman, Michelle Bachelet became the first woman to hold the highest office in Chile. The first woman president ushered in a new wave of female presidential victory that shook the Latin American region. At one point during Bachelet’s rule in 2014, more than 40% of the population in the region was under a female rule.

For the first time in over a decade, there will no longer be a woman president in the Latin region. It is the end of the era because Chileans will be heading to the polls to elects their next president. The recent female rule was a turning point for Latin America and a sign of progress in gender equality. However, some women wished that Bachelet and her fellow women should have done more.

The continent will return to an all-male leadership. At some point, there were 4 female presidents in the Latin American countries of Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Costa Rica. The symbol of having a female president cannot be underestimated because it changed the general perception towards women leadership.

Before Bachelet, Latin America experienced female presidents but half of them only took over after their husband’s death. Bachelet won as president due to the people’s votes because they believed that a woman president is less corrupt than a male president.

The presence of a woman in the highest office of Chile is a sign that Latin women are not only beautiful but smart. Latin woman have the enthusiasm and fervor to compete so that they usually outperform the competition. Men all over the world who want to meet exceptional Latin women can access http://latin-brides.net so that they will have the opportunity to communicate with the ladies.