Emphasis In Quality Plumbing Products Highlighted By The PMI Delegation

There is emphasis given by the member executives of the PMI or Plumbing Manufacturers International regarding the importance of plumbing products that are water efficient. Another topic discussed was the diligent work done by all member companies of PMI in order to make sure that they are supplying plumbing products that conforms to the new state codes. These are all discussed during meetings along with the state leaders that were held in Sacramento. The delegation put emphasis as well on the importance of managing possible risks by ensuring that the drinking water is safe and sustainable. This is due to the known controversies that water issues are now facing such as Michigan, Flint and many other places.

The PMI also met with the CEC or California Energy Commission’s executive staff and their state senators, assembly members as well as legislative staff. Here is a list of the executives who were with PMI:

  • Jay Burnett is Delta Faucet Co.’s Vice President.
  • Lee Clifton is the Director of PMG Resources. He is also in charge in ICC or International Code Council as well as Government Relations.
  • Fernando Fernandez is the Director of Codes and Standards and TOTO USA. He is the Immediate President of the 2016 PMI Board of Directors.
  • Ray Fisher is the head of the Fisher Manufacturing Company.
  • Scott McDonald is FluidMaster Inc.’s Vice President.
  • Jacqueline Moore is involved in ICC as the legal counsel.
  • Paul Patton is the Senior Manager in R&D and Regulatory Research and Development of Delta Faucet Co. and is also the Board President of 2016 PMI.
  • Joel Smith is the director of the New Product Engineering, Kohler Co. and the Advocacy or Government Affairs Committee Co-chair of 2016 PMI.

Aside from those on the list, they were also joined by the CEO or Executive Director of PMI, Barbara C. Higgerns and the Consultant of the California Government Affairs, Jerry Desmond, who is also involbed in Desmond & Desmond LLC. In order to have safe and sustainable plumbing products, contact www.RPEmergencyPlumbersBristol.co.uk.