Driverless, Superfast Motorbikes For The Future

Motorcycle enthusiasts had plenty to be excited about in 2016 because of the introduction of new models, remakes and radical visions that shook up the industry. Naked or standard bikes that are stripped-off versions of superbikes minus the fairings and windscreens remained in trend. Meanwhile, passion for retro bikes increased with the British brands Triumph and Norton leading the revival of the classically styled motorcycles.

The motorcycle industry is also addressing the needs for the future 2-wheeled transport with more efficient technologies. Charles Bombardier has designed the Interceptor, a superfast, driverless motorbike that could monitor cites 24/7 while issuing traffic tickets to offenders through mobile apps. Drivers will certainly avoid breaking the speed limit because the Interceptor can easily catch up with them. The design for this futuristic motorbike that can be used by traffic authorities is already finished and will soon become a reality.

Bombardier’s company, Imaginactive is a non-profit organization that hopes to inspire the next generation to create vehicles for the future. Bombardier gets his ideas from existing products that are used in daily life. For example, traffic cameras have been in existence for years but with pilotless technology a new solution has been created for public works systems as well as public safety.

While patrolling, the Interceptor can easily scan license plates and record traffic offenders through real time video. Once the violation has been recorded, the police drone could automatically issue the citations to the offender’s email, through text or traditional post. When this technology is finally introduced to cities, it can enhance road safety.

Police drones will allow human traffic officers to focus their attention on more urgent police business instead of patrolling the streets and issuing traffic tickets. One police officer can monitor 5 Interceptor units. However, the police drones will require an investment of $5 million. If the government is prepared to finance the project, the technology can be put to good use.

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