Deep Clean Done At Moray School Affected By Sickness Outbreak

A deep clean was carried out at the Tomintoul Primary School located in Moray, United Kingdom following an incident where almost all its staff and students fell ill with similar symptoms.

A sickness outbreak prompting deep clean

A sickness bug was the trigger for the continuous and dramatic increase of absences which went through the week prior to the school’s bosses deciding to shut its building one day early for the holidays.

On the 22nd, the cleaning staff got to the school to start the expansive process that continued on for almost an entire day.

The school’s classrooms, its corridors and toilets were all sterilised during the process to make sure that all the harmful germs were obliterated for the children’s return by the next year.

The Moray Council were firm about how the deep clean was just a precaution and the school was not the cause of the sickness outbreak.

Pearl Paul, a Speyside Glenlivet councillor, commended the authorities for taking action after the outbreak.

She mentioned that the she’s sure the council is going to have other inspections after school is thoroughly cleaned and is going to be ready to open following the holidays.

She added that the outbreak has definitely affected a lot of staff and students. She hopes that this didn’t affect them very much and they are able to recover right away.

On the 19th, there were no reported incidents of the illness. However, twenty-five students were absent on Tuesday prior to about 53 staff and students getting laid low by Wednesday.

The school is going to open again by January after the Christmas holidays.

A spokesman from the Moray Council said that a deep clean was conducted at the Tomintoul Primary School after 13 staff and 40 children went ill. He added that it was a precautionary measure, which is in accordance with the NHS guidelines done during an outbreak.


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