Cristiano Ronaldo Appears In Court For Tax Evasion Case But Avoids Media

Cristiano Ronaldo, the forward for Real Madrid appeared at a court in Madrid, Spain last Monday for the preliminary hearing on the allegations that he has committed tax fraud. According to the reports of Ian Sullivan and Joseph Wilson of Associated Press, at least 90 questions were asked by investigating Judge Monica Gomez.

BBC Peter Conway said that a massive press conference was waiting for Ronaldo but the Portuguese football player avoided media by using a side door at the Pozuelo de Alarcon Court No. 1. After giving evidence, Ronaldo did not speak to the media and simply decided to go home. As relayed by Dermot Corrigan of ESPN FC, Ronaldo’s post statement was he has never hidden anything and did not have any intention to evade taxes. He has decided not to make any comments on the issue until the judge has made a decision.

Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of defrauding tax authorities of €15 million. Based on the statements that have been provided, it is very unlikely for Ronaldo’s solicitors to make an out-of-court settlement. It looks that they will be fighting all the way. Ronaldo has been accused by state prosecutors of 4 counts of tax fraud. He has denied all the accusations that a company in the Virgin Islands was used to create a screen to be able to hide his total income from the scrutiny of Spain’s tax office.

Conway also relayed that according to the Gestha union of experts from Spain’s Inland Revenue, if Ronaldo is found guilty, he will potentially face a fine of €28 million and 3 ½ years in prison. On another note, 2017 is a memorable and fruitful year for Cristiano Ronaldo because he led Real Madrid to another UEFA Champion League title – the 3rd in 4 seasons – including the La Liga crown.

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