Creator Of Hope Poster For Obama Launched A New Project

Sometimes it is as simple as a personalized word art that can create an impact in someone’s life. Such is the story of the man responsible for the Hope poster used by former president Barack Obama during his campaign. The 47 years old artist, Shepard Fairey, who is based in Los Angeles is currently working on a mural. Thought the project is yet to be completed, many are already raving about it which is evident in the number of Instagram posts.

The artwork can be found in Sydney specifically at the side of 309 George Street. Its height is 50 meters and the width is 30 meters. It is a mural of a woman who is holding a huge waratah. Behind her ears are flowers.  The waratah in the mural is the floral symbol of New South Wales. Inscribed is a single word – obey.

This is yet Fairey’s largest artwork and it is estimated that he will use about 400 can of spray paint before it can be completed. The image is quite familiar because it came from the same family of posters he has created for political purposes. The popular poster in question is the Hope poster that was used during the campaign of Barack Obama for his presidency. The image has been widely used as well as a symbol of resistance against Trump which represents “We The People”.

Fairey is the one who designed all of the images. He has been through a number of career changes including being a DJ, a street artist, activits, designer as well as consultant in a corporate setting. He is currently staying in Sydney for Vivid. He is also there to attend the launching of the CDB mural and to serve as a speaker in a talk. He said that he will be talking about his practice in art but he will also be giving emphasis on various DIY movements such as skateboarding, street art and punk rock. This is to inspire everyone to unleash their creativity even in making just a simple personalised word art which could jump start their career which is what happened to him.