Cosi Launches At Koh Samui

KohSamui is prime real estate, with the market full of buyers looking to buy a luxury home on Samui Island, or developers looking to build new hotels to cash in on the tourist scene.

Well, for those who managed to avoid the squeeze and successfully buy a luxury home on Samui Island, there’s a new neighbour in the area, as the first hotel under the Cosi brand, has recently launched and opened in the island in early December of 2017.

Centara Hotels & Resorts, owner of the Cosi brand, says that the brand is catered to what they call “independent, tech-savvy travellers.  They add that comparing the Cosi hotel and brand to traditional hotels would be akin to comparing a modern smartphone to a mobile of the 90s.

According to a statement by the group, the Cosi brand is a re-imagining of what a hotel should be, one aimed at the new generation of constantly connected, blithe, straight to the point travelers. As a result the hotel is an innovative, yet affordable lifestyle hub sitting in the heart of Chaweng Beach, amidst its shopping, social, entertainment and eating scene, with the idea of the hotel’s design being to make it feel like a stay at a posh friend’s stylish house.

General Manager and Cosi Brand Corporate Director of Operations Harry Thaliwal says that Cosi brand is the re-imagining of what a modern hotel should be, and how it should operate. The hotel, notably, has no lobby counter or queues for check-in, only digital self-service stations for guests. For those on the go, check-in can also be done on their smartphones,  which can also book rooms, connect to the hotel rooms in order to play videos on each room’s 43-inch SmartTV screen. The hotel also provides complimentary Wi-Fi.

The hotel has a hub, a 24/7 playspace, where guests can watch TV, and enjoy meals with friends.

In addition to the aforementioned TV, each of the 150 rooms in the CosiSamui hotel feature comfortable beds, either twin- or king-sized, fully-furnished kitchen with digital safes and fridges, stylish bathrooms with showers, and 5 USB ports for devices without the need for converters. Additional accommodations in the hotel include an 18m rooftop pool, and a 24/7 laundromat.

The new hotel is located a mere 15 minutes from Samui’s airport, and is also just down the street from Central Festival, KohSamui’s main shopping centre.