City Maps Made Into Chocolates

Nisnas Industries, an online retailer, teamed up with Tamtik Chocolate in order to offer a unique edible product for people who are obsessed with maps such as the London City Illustrated Map and chocolate at the same time. They are making a confectionary block that is patterned after the maps of cities located all over the globe.

The chocolate blocks are pattered after the terrains of famous metropolises such as Tel Aviv, London and New York City. These are dark chocolates that were made by hand to pay homage to these well known cities and perfect to be given as gifts.

The unique design of the chocolate that follows the city maps resembles a traditional pattern in Arabic called mashrabiya which showcases extensive geometric shapes. This style is commonly used in the field of architecture but it has been adopted for this purpose in order to create a stylish outline. The company made sure that the design of every map is perfect before fashioning a mold after it and these are used to cast the chocolate mixture.

Every map used to make the edible chocolate map was created by a chocolate craftsman that is residing in the city they are designing. With this method, consumers will not only appreciate the outline of the landmarks but they will also get an insight into the unique flavor embedded. Both flavors of sweetness and bitterness are present in the chocolate that makes it perfect as a desert after meals or can be paired with whisky.

The maps are designed to be given as gifts and the chocolate comes with a beautiful wrapping. This is also a touch that Tamtik wants their buyers to experience as they peel off the layers to unveil the magnificent edible city inside the package. Tamtik created a Kickstarter campaign in order to gather funds to make the confections.

Interested individuals can pledge as well as see how they are making the maps. This is an ideal gift for people who love collecting London City Illustrated Map as they can enjoy the dark chocolate experience while taking in the beauty of the metropolis.