Christmas In July Being Celebrated In Chandler Music Hall

Despite the bright shining sun on the month of July, Chandler Music Hall is filled with Christmas spirit as the stage lights up preparing for a show. The hall was filled with students who are busy with their rehearsal for an upcoming play. With them is Kim Nowlan Hathaway, their director as well as choreographer, who is guiding them and watching as they perform. Looking at the scene unfolding, one can feel that Christmas in July vibe given off by their performance.

This is not the first time Hathaway acted as a director inside Chandler, in fact this is her fourth show. As a choreographer, this is her 17th show already. The very same stage saw her progress from when she was a small child starting to perform at the community theater.

The rehearsal they were conducting is for a classical music with romantic comedy genre. The title is White Christmas and it was made by Irving Berlin. No, they are not preparing in advance for winter production but they are performing in celebration of the 20th year of Chandler Center for the Arts since they opened the yearly summer youth musical. The theme for 2018 is Christmas in July.

Hathaway said that she believes their production will offer fun twist and will turn out to be better compared to the movie. The performance will begin on July 5 and the last show will be on July 7 to be held in Chandler. The musical show is based on the book and movie created by David Ives and Paul Blake. It is considered to be a timeless piece because of the heartwarming theme. The musical adaptation will showcase a score that represents Berlin well such as How Deep Is the Ocean, Blue Skies, I Love a Piano as well as the favorite among them all which is White Christmas.

Audience who are interested to witness Chandler’s Christmas in July can now book tickets for the White Christmas musical. From July 5 to 7 the musical will start at 7 in the evening while on July 8 it will start at 2 in the afternoon.