Changing Times Affect Funeral Trend Arrangements

The trends for funeral arrangements also change together with the changing times.

Cremation rate in the United States

According to Dianne M. Snyder Zimmerman, who is the supervisor and the funeral director of H.L. Snyder Funeral Home Inc., they do funeral arrangements for 100 – 200 people each year, and there are greater than 50% cremations now compared to when they started in 1972.

Kathleen K. Ryan, the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association’s executive director, said that cremation is on the rise not only in Pennsylvania but also nationally.

She also added that for 2015, the cremation rate in Pennsylvania was 44.5%, and it is estimated to go beyond 51% by 2020.

There are several reasons for this. The economy is very demanding for many families, and the younger generations are looking for alternative ways to make arrangements, as stated by Ryan and the funeral directors from Schuylkill County.

Keeping up with times

Schuylkill County is famous for a lot of traditions, which includes funeral services with caskets and cemetery burials. Based from a compiled list of the Reference Department, there are greater than 230 cemeteries found in Schuylkill County.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of State press secretary Wanada Murren, in Schuylkill County, there are 44 licensed funeral establishments.

They are constantly challenged to keep pace with the changing times.

For the owner of Fritz Funeral Home Richard W. Fritz, the survival of small family funeral homes is becoming more difficult, with the cost of the business being high compared to a profit margin. Before, according to him, a traditional funeral package included a burial vault and casket, but now funeral homes are selling a tiny urn already a fraction of the cost of a funeral package.

For funeral director Louis David Truskowsky from Mahanoy City, the funeral homes need to already adapt and embrace the slow, but steady, increase in funerals that involve cremation.


Regardless if a family of a deceased choose a burial or cremation for a disposition, funeral directors or funeral homes, whether Funeral Homes in Pennsylvania or Funeral Homes in Perth or in other locations, are able to help with the process.