Celebrity Trainer David Catudal Joins LHR In A Two-day “Tropical Fitness Detox”

Everyone wants to have a fit and clean body. Unfortunately, that is not always easy to achieve. When you wish to have a clean body, everything should be cleansed, not only the external but the insides of your body as well. There are a few ways that can effectively get your body cleansed and one of them is detoxification. Detox has become a hit with healthy-living practitioners and they would often go out on the best detox retreat in Thailand, Mexico and other areas of the world.

When it comes to detox retreats, Lifestyle Health Retreats is the one you can turn to. Just recently, they have announced the launch of their new Tropical Fitness Detox which would take place in Phuket, Thailand. It will be hosted by David Catudal, author and celebrity fitness trainer.

The Tropical Fitness Detox is very much recommended to those who wish to jumpstart their health and it is suitable for all fitness levels. People would not have to worry about starvation diets or colonics because they would not be part of the program. The focus will be directed on the removal of toxins by sweating it out naturally. There will also be various group training fitness activities that are professionally designed, simple daily detox tips and stress reduction techniques that are highly effective.

The host, David Catudal, is a respected celebrity fitness trainer who is also a certified nutrition consultant. Furthermore, David is an international health educator and in the last 15 years, he has dedicated his life to the optimization of human performance and wellness.

Personally, David has helped countless of people from all walks of life. Celebrities, athletes, top models, professionals and even parents, David has no boundaries when it comes to helping.

He will be teaching the guests on how they can train like a pro and will be sharing with them various tricks and tips regarding highly effective exercise and nutrition programs.

LHR’s Tropical Fitness Detox is held monthly with a price of $525 on shared rooms but for private rooms, there will be additional fees.