Celebration Of Loy Krathong Festival In Thailand

Loy Krathong is known as the yearly festival of lights that is celebrated in Thailand. The festival lasts for a week and during this times, thousands of flickering flames are launched after sunset. This way, the lakes, rivers and skies all over the country is enveloped with light.

The festival was adapted by Thai Buddhists from their ancient Brahmanical tradition. Loy Krathong is the reason why many people come from all over the globe during the middle of the month of November. In rural as well as coastal areas, there are lanterns that are sent into the air which are called by the locals as khom loy. In the cities, on the other hand, they have small baskets with elaborate designs that are released into the body of water. The gesture is a tribute to the goddess of water as well as a symbol that the baskets will carry away all the negative luck. The baskets are called krathongs by the locals. According to the superstition, the basket of the person that floats away is a sign that he or she will receive good fortune in the next year. In an unfortunate case that the basket drifts back, bad luck is to be expected.

The main highlight of the festival is during the full moon which will fall in the 12th month according to the lunar calendar of the Thais. This usually coincides in the month of November of the English calendar. For this year, the full moon happened last November 14. For tourists who wanted the best view in the country during the festival, the lakes and riverfronts found in Bangkok as well as beaches located in Koh Samui are the best places to be during the releasing. For first timers, ask your hotel concierges about tips on how and where you should be in order to participate in the event.

If you want to experience Loy Krathong in the city, Bangkok is the best place to be. You can book a hotel in the centre of the city. If you want a picturesque and relaxing view, try booking at a Samui beach hotel and watch Loy Krathong unfold from there.