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4 Sure Ways To Get Repeat Visits To Your Website

While maintaining a website, your main goal is to achieve more traffic to your site in order to convert the traffic into actual sales and get return of investment. However, you cannot have your visitors and potential customers do a repeat visit website if your site is drab, uninteresting and irrelevant. Therefore, your goal is […]

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Map Maker – A Great Feature That Will Be Removed Due To Trolls And Vandals

Map Maker Service is one of the best features of Google Maps because it allows users to make edits and corrections to places within the app. However, Map Maker Service will be removed by Google during the updating of the popular mapping app. Map Maker was launched in 2008 but as Google moves forward, the […]

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How To Put A Twist To Your Website This Year

Perth Web Design gave insights on what could be done in order to put a twist or a taste of something new on your website this 2015. – Review your website and alter anything that looks like a copy of someone else’s website or a clone of a company website. Things that people often […]

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