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Why Choose A Private California Drug Rehab Center?

If you want to submit yourself or someone dear to you to a California drug rehab center, you need to choose those close to your home or from where you live. However, it brings you the option of choosing between for-profit rehab and non-profit rehab. You need to distinguish between the two, whichare better. Comparing […]

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New Bill In California Will Regulate Rehab Facilities And Dialysis Industries

A lawmaker from California is trying to pass a bill that will regulate drug rehab facilities as well as dialysis providers who are allegedly making a lot of profits from susceptible patients. These facilities are able to earn millions of dollars by charging very high medical fees. The bill will not affect Los Angeles luxury […]

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How Inpatient Rehab And Outpatient Treatment Can Help Someone With Substance Abuse

If you have problems with alcohol or drug, your physician may advise treatment at an outpatient or inpatient facility. At outpatient centers, you only come at daytime. At inpatient rehab, you tend to stay for a number of days. How long your stay will vary on the programs of these rehab centers. What’s the similarity […]

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