Canadian Rubgy Team Sited Relaxing In Phuket After World Series Victory

The island of Phuket has become a world-class travel destination, with its sandy Thai beaches attracting tourists to come enjoy a BBQ buffet in Patong or the like. A notable site amidst the sunny beaches of Phuket stood out recently, following the end of the World Series Sevens.

Four members of the champion team, Canada, which managed to claim victory in the championship via upset, was sited around the island of Phuket sometime last week. The four member, Harry Jones, Patrick Kay, Justin Douglas and Lucas Hammond, celebrated their team’s win by heading over to the beach filled Thai island for some R&R. The four were even pictured by fans traveling around Phang Nga Bay during their visit.

Bunny Gray, a local Phuket resident, and Rugby fan was even lucky enough to have seen and visited the group repeatedly. The fan noted the Canadian team’s performance in the recent championship, and pointed out that the considerable number of Canadian tourists on the island as to a possible reason for the athletes’ stay.

He states that athletes possess high standards with regards to fitness, a necessity when playing multiple top level games over the span of a mere two days. The athletes, according to Mr. Gray, expressed interest in returning to the island to enjoy a BBQ buffet in Patong for some R&R next year, something that would no doubt be of interest to Rugby fans on the island.

The World Series Sevens were upset when the United States and Canada teams managed to edge the sport’s usual contenders such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Fiji, by advancing to the finals, resulting in the first all-American line-up for the tournament. Even though Canada won a thrilling final game with a score of 26-19, the all-American line-up was a win in and of itself, according to Canada’s coach, Damian McGrath.

This championship win was the first for Canada, better known for hockey than rugby, whom had never won a World Series before. Contrast that to their opposition, the US, which managed to claim a title victory during the 2015 London finals.