British Gas Tips For Keeping A Home Warm

With temperatures dropping, people are advised to ensure their heating system at home is ready to keep them warm during the winter.

Unprepared for winter

British Gas found out that a lot of people are not really prepared for cold weather.

A survey revealed that about 43% of the people in London do not check that their central heating is properly working prior to the time when it needs to be turned on. Additionally, only 20% have their boiler serviced prior to winter.

It also indicated that 57% endured cold showers during the past 5 years due to their boilers breaking down at their home.

Tips for keeping a home warm

Blocking the draughts in order to stop heat from escaping, as well as bleeding radiators are just two of the best tips for keeping a home warm during winter.

Aside from this, Campaign UK listed tips from the gas engineers so as to avoid burst pipes, overflowing gutters or damaged water tanks.

Take care of the boiler: Ensure that the boiler is properly working prior to winter setting in. The efficiency of a boiler will minimize as it grows older. For those that have pressure gauges, the boiler should be made sure to be at its right pressure. In addition, top up, when necessary.

Wrap the water tank, insulate hot water: To do this, purchase materials from any DIY store in. This is to conserve heat and save money.

Insulate the pipes: Having burst pipes is a big issue in winter months. To avoid this, make sure that all the pipes are insulated properly through the use of lagging that can be purchased from DIY stores.

Be energy smart: Speak to an energy supplier regarding a smart meter. The energy used can be seen using a monitor. This also allows for better understanding in terms of energy consumption. Likewise, it can be identified where savings can be made.

Maintain the drains: Make sure that drains are free of debris. This includes checking for autumn twigs or leaves, so that they allow water flow at all points.

If preparation was not done prior and professional help is required, it is best to contact experts like the engineers at Technical Heating Services.