Book In Hotels Near Bumrungrad Hospital For Convenience In Your Medical Treatments

Visitors to Thailand will truly be amazed at how the country currently looks. It doesn’t seem like a third world country especially with the new Suvarnabhumi Airport, one of the largest and newest in the world. Everything seems shiny and first class, and this may perhaps include its healthcare system. That’s why you will want to know how to get booked in hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital for convenient and money-saving accommodations.

Bangkok’s signature name, the City of Angels, has a skyline marked with aesthetically designed buildings done by prominent architects. It is also surprising that the world-class hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital, is manned by few of the world’s best specialists.  At the hospital’s entrance is more like a five-star hotel, with its front door framed massively with cement pillars draped in chrome, while potted plants line up its steps. Luxurious subway restaurants like Starbucks and Au Bon Pain are found on its lobby. So it’s really a wonderful hospital to obtain various treatments.

At the sky bridge are two hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital, where international patients can be booked and charged similarly like a luxurious local hotel. The room rate can run around $75 per night for a room shared by three patients. There’s also the Royal Suite which have an eight-seater dining table, its own kitchenette and a computer. There are also lodging for eight people, where the room rates start around $1000 per night and inclusive of meals.

Being the biggest private hospital in Southeast Asia, Bumrungrad has more than 500 beds to serve around a million patients every year. Around 400,000 are international patients which have seen consultations from various clinics catering from heart care down to plastic surgery. They also feature their dental clinic which some patients enjoy various services. They are manned with proficient doctors, with few of them having a US certification.

The hospital is the very first in Asia to attain the Joint Commissions Accreditation. You will find some healthcare services that closely equal or surpass those found in the United States all for a lesser cost. So ensure you check out their foreign medical services and book in some hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital for convenience.